C2 Architecture

Waldorf School of Philadelphia

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia had been searching for a new permanent location for many years when we looked at St Peters church in Germantown. We were fascinated by the details and craftsmanship of the 150 year old buildings and their grouping together, creating beautiful in-between spaces. For us this seemed the perfect match for the Waldorf School. As parents at the school we brought this to the site search committee, became members of the committee and the board of trustees and started to explore the possibilities of the school moving there. We surveyed the buildings and created drawings to look at the space and space requirements for the school. We designed layouts and possible additions to see if the school could fit, coming to the conclusion that it would and presenting it to the teachers and parents of the school. Together with the board of trustees financial options to buy the building were explored. We met with the church who was very in favor of selling their buildings to the school and was willing to wait until financials were in place. We met with the Germantown neighborhood groups who had to support the zoning change – which they happily did. We helped put together the financial package necessary to entice an investor. The buildings were bought by local northwest Philadelphia investor Ken Weinstein in 2013 and construction is on the way. We are still involved in the design and construction, representing the interest of the school.

Portfolio Details

LOCATION : Germantown, Philadelphia PA

DATE : 2011 (construction finished 2015)

TYPE : Community