C2 Architecture

Skidoo Residences

Our firm was very excited to take on the design of two row houses on this very challenging site with great potential. The location right next to the train on the top of a hill brings with it unobstructed views overlooking East Falls and the city skyline.

The design approach was to focus on those views and utilize the strengths of the site. The houses have large windows and three outside sitting areas opening up towards the city views. Thick ‘fin’ walls are clad in metal and were created to respond to the hard edge of the train tracks. The exterior takes part in the urban, almost chaotic surroundings while the interior is a calm refuge.

The three story atrium brings light through skylights into the usually dark center of a row house. It is a common space that connects all floors and opens the space up vertically emphasizing the vertical nature of a row home and this specific almost tower like site.

Portfolio Details

LOCATION : East Falls, Philadelphia, PA

DATE : 2013

TYPE : Residential